03 February 2020

11.00 AM1.00 PMRegistration & Check-In
1.15 PM1.30 PMWelcome
1.30 PM2.15 PMKeynote: Caroline Gutjahr
2.15 PM2.35 PMBreak
2.35 PM2.57 PMMariana Murillo Roos
Chemical landscapes in leaves as a driver of microbe-microbe interactions and community structure
2.57 PM3.19 PMIsabelle Metzen
The effect of maize genotype on the spatial heterogeneity and co-occurrence patterns in the microbiota of the maize mycorrhizosphere 
3.19 PM3.41 PMMoritz Sexauer
Role of the miR21111-TOO MUCH LOVE node in response to abiotic and biotic stimuli in Lotus japonicus
3.41 PM4.03 PMBianca Griebel
The inhibitory effect of fungal endophytes on the pathogen Phytophthora infestans in Solanum lycopersicum
4.05 PM4.25 PMCoffee Break
4.25 PM4.47 PMJuniper Kiss
Biocontrols against banana pests and diseases: a Bayesian meta-analysis
4.47 PM5.09 PMOliver Johanndrees 
Evolution of TIR domain signaling in seed plants
5.09 PM5.32 PMBehnoush Hosseini
Isolation and identification of species of Diaporthe/Phomopsis complex associated with soybean seed decay 
6.00 PM7.15 PMDinner

04 February 2020

7.30 AM8.20 AMBreakfast
8.20 AM12.00 PMHike to Burg Drachenfals 
12.00 PM1.30 PMLunch
1.30 PM2.15 PMKeynote: Eva Stukenbrock
2.15 PM2.37 PMSebastian Klenner
2.37 PM2.59 PMDheeraj Singh Rathore
Studying the effect of foliar application of fungicide and micronutrients on Septoria tritici blotch and microbial diversity of wheat 
3.00 PM3.20 PMCoffee Break
3.20 PM4.05 PMKeynote: Dominik Begerow
4.05 PM4.27 PMLena Steins
Comparative genomics of smut fungi indicate ability of meiotic division and sexual reproduction in the non-parasitic genus Pseudozyma
4.27 PM4.49 PMJanina von Dahlen
Global gene expression patterns of R genes in response to plant pathogens
4.49 PM5.11 PMWagner Calegari Fagundes 
Evolutionary and molecular basis of host adaptation and speciation in fungal plant pathogens: insights from Zymoseptoria pathosystems
6.00 PM8.00 PMDinner

05 February 2020

7.30 AM9.00 AMBreakfast
9.00 AM9.45 AMKeynote: Pernille Thorbek
9.45 AM10.07 AMSummia Gul
Characterization of Brassicaceae smut fungal effectors responsible for plant infection
10.07 AM10.29 AMSeomon Kwon
Messages outer space: mRNA in extracellular vesicles of Ustilago maydis as potential effectors
10.30 AM10.50 AMCoffee Break
10.50 AM12.20 PMDiscussion round: ‘Outreach’
12.20 PM1.30 PMLunch
1.30 PM1.52 PMDaniel Zendler
Detailed characterization of two grapevine powdery mildew resistances from the grapevine cultivar ‘Regent’
1.52 PM2.14 PMTimo Engelsdorf
Plant cell walls function as barriers and signaling components in pathogen defense
2.14 PM2.36 PMHannah Thieron
Characteristics of extracellular vesicles in the interaction between the crop plant Hordeum vulgare and the biotrophic fungus Blumeria graminis f.sp. hordei
2.36 PM2.58 PMEleanor Chroston
Examining the effect of nitrile specifier proteins in roots of Arabidopsis thaliana on the rhizosphere microbiome
3.00 PM3.15PMClosing remarks

Invited speakers:

Caroline Gutjahr, Plant Genetics, TUM School of Life Science Weihenstephan, Technical University of Munich (TUM), Freising

Dominik Begerow, Institute of Evolution and Biodiversity of Plants, Ruhr-University Bochum

Eva H Stukenbrock, Environmental Genomics, University of Kiel & MPI Plön

Pernille Thorbek, BASF