Welcome to the CheMolPMI workshop 2020

Registration extended until 10 January 2020!
Please follow registration guidelines below!

When: 03.02.2020 – 05.02.2020
Location: Bildungs- und Tagungshaus am Rhein, Arbeitnehmer-Zentrum Königswinter (AZK), Johannes-Albers-Allee 3, D-53639 Königswinter

The aim of the workshop is to connect diverse topics in the field of plant–microbe interaction. We invite Postdocs and PhD students from different fields of plant microbe interactions (genetics, chemistry, microbial diversity or evolution) to participate. The workshop covers the three following topics:

i) Microbial diversity in the context of plant-microbe interaction
ii) Chemical and molecular biology of plant-microbe interaction
iii) Evolution of plant-microbe interaction.

How to register:

To register, please use the contact form found under ‘Register here’. Please provide the required information (see below) in your registration.

In total we have 26 places available for PhD students and postdocs from different fields of plant microbe-interaction. Abstract selection will happen shortly after registration closes.

Please give us the following information about yourself in the category message:

1.) Which field do you work in?
Chose up to three categories from the list below and rank them in order 1, 2, 3.

Plant-pathogen interaction, plant-symbiont interaction, microbial diversity, molecular biology, chemical biology, biochemistry, evolutionary biology

2.) Please provide us with a title and an abstract including the names of all authors and affiliations.

Every participant will give a talk during the workshop.


Through the DBG funds we will cover two over-night stays at the location as well as all main meals during the time of the workshops.

This workshop was made possible by the DBG Eduard Strasburger Workshop framework.